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Main Street Dueling Pianos is the perfect entertainment for your wedding reception. Live bands cannot compete with the massive library of music a DJ possesses, and a DJ cannot compete with the excitement and energy of a live band. With Main Street Dueling Pianos, you get both! Each piano player knows hundreds of songs, and performs with as much energy as you’ll ever experience from a live performance.

From the moment you choose Main Street Dueling Pianos as your wedding reception entertainment, not only will you get the best live performance, but you’ll also have peace of mind that your entire reception is in the hands of true wedding professionals.
You don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator? No problem. Main Street Dueling Pianos will handle all those responsibilities on your big day, working with all the other vendors to ensure your reception runs smoothly and on schedule. All you’ll have to do is show up, relax, and celebrate with your friends and family!

Here is a list of the services you receive with Main Street Dueling Pianos as your reception entertainment:


  • High definition sound system capable of covering 1,000+ guests (the sound is audible, not noisy)

  • LED stage and dance lighting systems

  • Baby grand piano shells (hollow shells shaped like pianos with keyboards inside)

  • Up to 3 hours of nonstop live performance or 4 hours with one 20 minute break

  • All emcee duties, including bridal party introductions

  • Wireless microphone for toasts and announcements

  • MP3 player for cocktail and dinner hour music, and for specialty dances

  • Solo piano for cocktail hour for an additional fee

  • Request slips and golf pencils for each table

  • Wedding reception itinerary form

“People who NEVER dance at weddings were on the floor. When it was time to shut down, I was nervous we were going to have a riot. No one wanted them to leave! What tremendous talent and a gift for playing the right songs at just the right times.”


– Laurie Kowatch

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