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Corporate Events

Looking for something fresh and different for your next corporate holiday party? Tired of having the same old same old at every company picnic? Let Main Street Dueling Pianos make you the hero of the planning committee! Each show is completely request-driven, meaning that no two shows are ever the same. You and your coworkers choose the direction of the show, because you and your coworkers are the stars of the show; the piano players are merely the “Facilitators of Fun”, playing the songs you and your coworkers choose. Main Street Dueling Pianos will provide up to 3 hours of live, nonstop, interactive entertainment, giving you and your coworkers a night they’ll be talking about around the water cooler for weeks and months afterwards!

Here is a list of the services you receive with Main Street Dueling Pianos as your corporate event entertainment:

  • High definition sound system capable of covering 1,000+ guests (the sound is audible, not noisy)

  • LED stage lighting system

  • Baby grand piano shells (hollow shells shaped like pianos with keyboards inside)

  • Up to 3 hours of nonstop live performance

  • Wireless microphone for announcements, awards, etc

  • MP3 player for ambient music up to 2 hours prior to performance start time

  • Request slips and golf pencils for each table

“Joe and Jeff delivered a tasteful, high-energy performance showcasing their amazing musical and vocal talent. Their ability to play just about anything our guests wanted from every genre, kept our members rockin' and singin' along through the night.”


– Jack Guza

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