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If you own or run a nightclub, and are responsible for providing live entertainment for your patrons week in and week out, let Main Street Dueling Pianos give you that “something new” you’ve been looking for. Two baby grand pianos or keyboards face each other on stage. All night long the piano players take requests from the audience and play songs from virtually any genre. The crowd is encouraged to sing along, clap their hands, and of course drink! Not only will your patrons be constantly reminded to take a drink, but they will also be reminded to tip their bartenders and servers, which always makes for a happier staff for the night. The overall goals for Main Street Dueling Pianos are to make your patrons have the time of their lives, help make the staff earn great tips, and above all, make your cash register ring!

With Main Street Dueling Pianos, the audience IS the show, as opposed to the usual dance club or sports bar scene; the piano players are simply the “facilitators of fun”. If you are looking for an evening of entertainment that is unique and fun, with entertainers who know how to get a crowd going, and most of all, keep them in the club and drinking all night long, Main Street Dueling Pianos is exactly what you are looking for!

Here is a list of services you receive with Main Street Dueling Pianos show for your nightclub:


  • High definition sound system capable of covering 1,000+ guests, if not provided by the venue (the sound is audible, not noisy)

  • LED stage and dance lighting system, if not provided by the venue

  • Baby grand piano shells (hollow shells shaped like pianos with keyboards inside)

  • Up to 3 hours of nonstop live performance, or 4 hours with one 30 minute break

  • MP3 player for ambient music up to 2 hours prior to performance start time and entertainer break if 4-hour option chosen

  • Request slips and golf pencils for each table

“I was blown away by their talent and their versatility with being able to play songs from The Beatles to Lady Gaga. It is impossible not to have a great time with these guys playing on stage.”


– Ali

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