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Main Street Dueling Pianos is by far the best choice for entertainment for your fundraising event. Not only do you get a high energy, interactive show, but Main Street Dueling Pianos offers something to fundraising clients no other live performing group can deliver: cash back at the end of the evening. The Main Street Dueling Piano show is entirely request-driven, meaning those in attendance choose their favorite songs for the players to perform. For fundraisers, the players encourage the audience members to include tips with their requests, playing the song requests with the highest amount of tips over the song requests with lesser money. The players use techniques such as pitting country music against rock & roll, or college fight song battles to encourage tipping. At the end of the night, all tip money the piano players are able to acquire is turned over to the fundraiser. That’s right, the piano players donate every last dollar from the tip jars to the cause, giving you cash on hand at the end of the evening. The combination of the professionalism and quality of the entertainment, and the ability to provide money back at the end of the event, makes Main Street Dueling Pianos the obvious choice for your next fundraising event!

Here is a list of services you receive with Main Street Dueling Pianos as your fundraiser entertainment:

  • High definition sound system capable of covering 1,000+ guests (the sound is audible, not noisy)

  • LED stage lighting system

  • Keyboards on x-stands

  • Up to 3 hours of nonstop live performance

  • Wireless microphone for announcements, awards, etc.

  • MP3 player for ambient music up to 2 hours prior to performance start time

  • Request slips and golf pencils for each table

  • All tip monies are turned over to the fundraiser at the end of the performance

“What a wonderful fundraiser for our cause, the American Cancer Society! Thank you so much Main Street Dueling Pianos for a FANTASTIC event! Everyone in attendance had a great time and we made LOTS of money for the Relay for Life!! At the end of the evening, our guests were already talking about bringing MORE people with them next time.”


– DBC Relay for Life Team

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